Put The Device Down

What do you expect to find
Staring at that screen all the time?
Does it make you better when your ill, or numb the pain to what you feel,
Sing you songs when you’re afraid
Or give you plans better laid?
As you look upon that screen
Is it there your hopes will lean?
I hope you’re shooting deeper still,
Than what the screen shows as real.
Cause nothing takes the place of
Human touch and face to face.
So put the device you’re holding away
Look me in the eye and hear me say:



Great Big Buts

I always hear Christians talk about God’s grace and love for everyone but it seems to always be followed by a great big “but”. It’s like, God loves people “but” underneath it all they’re really thinking of the things you need to change. Like the way you dress and what you watch and how you talk and by the way you need to stop being so nice to those people who are clearly living against the truth, who by the way God loves too if they would only stop being how they are.
The name of that great big “but” is JUDGEMENT. John 12:31 says Jesus took our judgement. The truth is believers need to get rid of their “buts”. I do not like those “buts” and I cannot lie. God loves you period, end of story, nuff said.


It’s Just Not that Difficult

I have always felt like a simple minded person surrounded by complex roadmaps and formulas. That I had to unlock some divine code in order to experience a kind of Heavenly ecstasy that I have always missed.
So I study and pray and search and hang on to every word by ministers and speakers and authors.
Are you ready for a huge revelation; it’s not difficult at all?
It ALWAYS comes back to the cross and what Jesus did there. Is His work enough, then just believe it? Whether its for my kids, my financial situation, my marriage, my health, whatever.
Now believe me it’s vital to study and learn to be good at those things like parenting etc.. but i could fail in those areas, lets just be honest. So my faith can’t be in the next book or study or in my ability follow directions. It has to be in Jesus and what he has already banked into my heavenly account through His blood. So read the books and go to the seminars and grow, grow, grow but rest in the simple truth that what Jesus did has to be the final answer.



Moms and Worry

As a mom I have been prone to worry about my kids. Particularly when things are not what I thought they should be or don’t look like I want them to. After stepping away from the situation I ask myself exactly what good does worrying do? Does it improve the situation? The answer is “no”. In fact it actually creates more problem because of the affects it has on my physical body. It also has an adverse affect on my kids because when I freak out, they begin to lose their grip on the situation as well.
My faith is tested the most when situations arise concerning my kids. I think it’s the hardest test of our faith as women because we are so close to what is going on. We have so much invested emotionally in their well being. We have brought them up from the womb and they have depended on us for everything from food to clothing so we should be able to control there life forever right… haha. It makes it a little easier to understand why we, as mothers, have a hard time trusting God with these little or not so little people.
We have to realize that God formed them from the womb. He gave them each their individual gifts and lets face it, God is God.
Worry will not add a single day to their life ( Matt. 6:25-30) it will not fix whatever situation they are in but God knows what to do. Let’s let Him do it. Stop second guessing each decision we make, stop second guessing each decision they make. Let our yes be yes and our no be no (Matt. 5:37).
Today I give my kids to you, I relinquish control to the God who made the Heavens and the earth. To the God who calms the storm and raises the dead. To the God who sent His only child to redeem mine.