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No Need For Drama

The majority of my Christian walk has been riddled with wild and exciting expectations. With every new revelation came a fresh sense of revival or rapture. Every unveiling brought a goal of something dramatic and big. I remember sitting at the edge of my seat as a young woman thinking that I could be one revelation away from walking right into Heaven. I’m serious. These expectations kept me hungry, in fact I think they were even a little addicting. But it wasn’t really a hunger for Jesus it was a hunger for something more. The promise of a big event, a big feeling, something more and something better. That was where the excitement was found.

Even in practical life there was an expectation of more. More money, more health, more happiness. I had been conditioned to expect it. But what I’ve learned is that more is never enough. The more you have, the more you want. And that mentality is exhausting. In it there is no contentment. In fact, contentment, is a bad word. But it’s not.

For me this New Covenant understanding has been something completely new, fresh and exciting, because it shines such a blinding light on the biggest event of all time, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It actually completely disarms my need for drama, because I can’t think of anything more dramatic than what has already been done. I mean God will do what He is going to do regardless of my expecting it or not, but if I don’t know what He has already done I am robbed of the joy of completion in that work, the understanding of the deepest kind of love possible, and the total freedom in who I am today.

If God never did anything else (and I am not saying He won’t) I could spend a lifetime utilizing what He already did. I believe we have only experienced the tip of the iceberg, the cherry on the top of the chocolate cake of redemption.

I am so thankful for what He did and this new covenant of grace that I am able to walk in every day. I am thankful for the freedom and peace that it has brought. For the surety of a love that is bigger than my mind could ever grasp.

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Jesus, The Ultimate Balance

Jesus is the ultimate balance for life. My identity comes from my life in Him. My identity doesn’t come from a label placed on me because of something I may or may not believe. Who cares if I believe in a rapture or not, or if I vote republican or democrat. Endless arguments, division and labels are placed when our personal opinions become our religion.
My theology is evolving, but it is evolving into something very streamlined. I may or may not be correct when it comes to my end time beliefs or politics but I am 100% sure of my relationship with Jesus and what He accomplished at the cross. I am absolutely confident that within Him is everything I will ever need. I say that my theology is streamlined because I want nothing more or less than what is Christ. If it’s found “in Him” I want to know what it is and if it isn’t found “in Him” I don’t.
I find balance in Christ because in knowing Him is found all the elements to Christian living. Things religion has worked centuries to develop come naturally. Try really knowing Him and not having faith…it’s impossible. But faith outside of him is exhausting, because it’s dependent on “me”. Once you know Him as the author and finisher of your faith there is rest. I just trust Him. I can “be” without it being all about me.
Rest and balance in Him doesn’t mean I have it all together. It means in the midst of my life on this earth, my life filled with drama and irritation, decision making both right and wrong, that it’s about His goodness, His bigness, His ability, His accomplishment, His plan, it’s about Him. So if life were a giant scale and on the one end is me and the other is my problems then I suppose the scale would be Christ because in Him I am always in balance.