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I just heard the most awful sound. The high pitched squeal of a squirrel caught in the mouth of my sweet, but all too quick Bandit. I was mortified I was petrified, while he was basking in the adrenaline that comes from instincts fulfilled.

Between my sweet neighbor and I, we managed to free the little critter from his clutches. I had to call the vet because the sound of that squirrel goes against my nature. It was awful! But it’s completely within the realms of Bandit’s instincts. What he did was natural and to him it was a victory.

Here is the lesson! My instinct, my God given spiritual responses are to love, to speak peace, to do the next right thing. In an environment that tells us that our flesh rules and our emotions tell the truth, my spirit cries out LOVE. When that instinct is fulfilled I’m like Bandit, playful, I have that adrenaline rush and I know I’m walking in the life of my creator! Even when this world is saying NO and when lies are knocking at the door I will follow my God given instinct and LOVE and then run in the yard like a banshee!

How about that! ♥️♥️🤗


Churchy Things…Is It Really Walking in the Spirit?

Walking in the spirit doesn’t mean doing churchy things. Doing churchy things can and often is very very fleshy. You know as well as I that the more you do the more you feel you have to do. If you pray an hour you feel two is better. If you give there is always more needed and if you go to classes there is always another class to take. Then have you ever tried to step away from these things? Yikes watch out because forget what you have done it’s a perpetual state of do do and give me, give me, give me. This is the life of your everyday enthusiastic church goer. This life is exhausting!

When your churchy actions are done to gain something from God or even keep something bad from happening then you are depending on what you do and that is walking in the flesh.  By definition walking in the flesh is dependance on you and your actions and walking in the spirit is dependence on Christ, who He is and what He has already done.

Walking in the spirit is very simply resting in the finished work of Christ that has already been given to you when you believe. That includes righteousness, favor and blessing. All of this in Christ now, today without doing a single churchy thing. It is faith and rest “in Him” and what He already accomplished. See “you” died with Christ (Colossians 2:20, Romans 6:8, 2 Corinthians 5:14) and then Galatians 2:20 says he gave us Christ life and it’s out of His life that we live. Do you think God is counting how many times Christ is going to church or taking communion? No way, Jose! And His life is your life. That is the life of grace instead of law.

This isn’t laziness or doing nothing, this is the capacity to actually be more productive doing what you were put on this planet to do. It’s the most natural way to live (as a spirit being) and it is all from a place of rest.

Now before you run to FB to set me straight, think of the story of Rachel and Leah. Jacob fell in love with Rachel and worked for seven long hard years to have her. In Hebrew Rachel means “ewe or lamb”. So Jacob worked for the lamb (see the picture). Only when you work to gain the lamb you wake up with Leah. What! After seven years of hard labor Jacob woke up on the wedding night with Leah. Leah in Hebrew means “weary”. That is a dirty rotten trick, but it happened. And that is what you get when you work for the lamb you get weary. After that Laban gives Rachel to Jacob and Jacob works seven years because he has her. So you can work to get and end up weary or you can work because you have and end up at rest. God’s plan is good!

This story illustrates to us that when you work to get you will end up weary. Or you can realize that the lamb is yours, that He loves you already and gave His life as you and for you and to you. The truth is you will get more done from love than from fear and obligation.  It isn’t about your churchiness but about His life in you.


Moms and Worry

As a mom I have been prone to worry about my kids. Particularly when things are not what I thought they should be or don’t look like I want them to. After stepping away from the situation I ask myself exactly what good does worrying do? Does it improve the situation? The answer is “no”. In fact it actually creates more problem because of the affects it has on my physical body. It also has an adverse affect on my kids because when I freak out, they begin to lose their grip on the situation as well.
My faith is tested the most when situations arise concerning my kids. I think it’s the hardest test of our faith as women because we are so close to what is going on. We have so much invested emotionally in their well being. We have brought them up from the womb and they have depended on us for everything from food to clothing so we should be able to control there life forever right… haha. It makes it a little easier to understand why we, as mothers, have a hard time trusting God with these little or not so little people.
We have to realize that God formed them from the womb. He gave them each their individual gifts and lets face it, God is God.
Worry will not add a single day to their life ( Matt. 6:25-30) it will not fix whatever situation they are in but God knows what to do. Let’s let Him do it. Stop second guessing each decision we make, stop second guessing each decision they make. Let our yes be yes and our no be no (Matt. 5:37).
Today I give my kids to you, I relinquish control to the God who made the Heavens and the earth. To the God who calms the storm and raises the dead. To the God who sent His only child to redeem mine.


“What Is Tattooed on Your Mind?”

I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to just accept bad news without stopping to see what God says about it.  I heard a great message this past weekend about how the enemy permanently tattoos our mind with lies when we allow him to.  It was so interesting to hear that in order to get a tattoo removed it requires light from the outside and blood from the inside working together.  In order to remove the lies that have been imprinted on our minds we must flood ourselves with the light of the Gospel (2 Cor. 4:4) from the outside and allow the blood of Jesus to change us from the inside.  When the light and the blood come to together the lies are removed and we can walk as God intended us to walk.  Wow, that is amazing news!  

That message reminded me of when my son Benjamin was two years old and we went to the Dr. to have his two year check up.  The Dr. told us that because Ben had an excessive concave chest, he was small for his age, and he also had gotten Kawasaki Syndrome (that they caught quickly, thank the Lord) that he would probably never be able to play football as a teenager or participate in any intensive sports.  He also told us that most likely Ben would have to have corrective surgery on his concave chest when he got older.  I remember my husband and I just would not believe that, we didn’t even entertain that thought.  We have always prayed for our kids and today Benjamin has squatted over 800 lbs, he plays Varsity football for a huge high school in the state of TX and just made the regional track meet throwing shot put.  He is having an amazing high school experience. And, by the way, his chest corrected itself.  I am so glad that we did not take the prediction of our Doctor over the word of our Heavenly Father!

Don’t just except a bad report, don’t even except things that are below what God paid for at the Cross.  His person and work gave us everything we need for life and Godliness according to 1 Peter 1:3-5.  That doesn’t mean we will alway get everything we want and that life will be perfect, no, God said, that it rains on the just and the unjust alike Matt. 5:45.  But faith is trusting God, NO MATTER WHAT.   Don’t allow you mind to be permanently tattooed with lies instead tattoo your mind with the Gospel!